DEBI Sign Up Period
DEBI is available to employees for corporates that offer the DEBI Wellness Program.

You will get an email from DEBI Support ( with sign up instructions.
If you did not receive any email in your Inbox / Junk Mail regarding DEBI, please contact DEBI Support ( for assistance
Contact DEBI Support ( for assistance
No, you are not allowed to change your package within the year after selection

You can change to another package when the new year starts again.
DEBI Activation
Once you have signed up and created your DEBI Account on the DEBI Mobile app, you can start using DEBI immediately!

Note - some corporates may have different start dates. Contact DEBI Support ( if you need clarification.
Yes, you will receive notifications via email and/or DEBI app. To receive notifications on your DEBI app, ensure notification settings are enabled.

Contact DEBI Support ( ) for assistance.
DEBI Kesh is an employee benefits currency in DEBI platform and can be use by employees to claim e-vouchers, products and services offered by the DEBI Benefits Panel.

DEBI Kesh cannot be used to purchase or exchanged for monetary currency outside of DEBI platform.
As an employee, you will be assigned a DEBI Account upon sign-up and depending on the package you select, you will have an allocated DEBI Kesh entitlement for the year*

To claim the DEBI Kesh and get it credited into your DEBI Account, you will need to participate in the DEBI Wellness Programs (i.e. upload walking steps, Zumba classes, etc) or fulfil the various bonus criteria set by your employer.

DEBI Kesh in your DEBI Account can be used in the DEBI Mall to claim e-vouchers, products and services offered by the DEBI Benefits Panel (i.e. shops, retailers or service providers that provide benefits in DEBI).

*Please check with your respective HR on the start/end of your company entitlement year . Also, note that cash vouchers may be taxable and your company HR may contact you for recurring cash voucher claims for tax purposes.
You must use your DEBI Kesh before end of each year*. It cannot be brought forward to the new year*

*Please check with your respective HR on the start/end of your company entitlement year
Voucher will expire within 60 days from claimed date. Note that some vouchers may have longer expiry dates which can be viewed on the e-voucher.
No – once you have claimed a voucher, you will not be able to get a refund or exchangeable even if it is not used at the DEBI Benefits Panel.
Yes, you can at participating DEBI Benefits Panels

If you are on Package A, you can use the DEBI App to obtain an exclusive discount voucher and show this voucher to the participating DEBI Benefits Panel. This will help confirm that you have an active DEBI user account.
No, the DEBI Benefits Panel need to verify that you have an active DEBI user account before offering any discounts to you. Therefore, you must obtain the exclusive discount voucher in DEBI app beforehand.
Yes, you can for participating merchants. It will be seen as multiple transactions on your DEBI App and it is accepted.
Yes, you should keep them for:
  • Optical – Warranty
  • Health Screening – Yearly personal income tax.
  • Enquiry by your HR team, if applicable
Yes, you can

In the event you have insufficient DEBI Kesh to claim products / services in the DEBI Mall, you will be prompted to accept that partial self-payment is required and this will be indicated on the Voucher

When you present and use the voucher at the DEBI Benefits Panel, you will be required to self-pay the balance at the panel’s clinic / hospital / store.
DEBI Get Active
DEBI connects to your Apple Health Kit (iOS devices) and Google Fit (Android devices).
Upon download, DEBI will prompt you to enable DEBI to connect to Apple Health Kit and Google Kit

However, if this was disallowed at the beginning, you can open Apple Health Kit / Google Fit to allow DEBI access to step data

DEBI to Apple Health Kit
1. Open Apple Health Kit
2. Click on your profile on the Summary page
3. Under Privacy, open Apps
4. Under DEBI Wellness, slide the bar to “allow DEBI Wellness” to read data

Connect DEBI to Google Fit
1. Open Device Settings
2. Click on Apps
3. Click on DEBI Wellness
4. Under Permissions, allowed ‘Physical activity’
5. Open DEBI Wellness
6. Click on Get Active
7. Select Google account to retrieve steps.
DEBI Kesh reward crediting will be performed on the following day at 08:00 AM for previous day’s steps.

Once you achieve your target steps and logged the data in Apple Health Kit / Google Fit, you will need to open DEBI App - DEBI will retrieve the steps from your device’s health app.

DEBI App must be opened daily to ensure your steps are recorded for daily Kesh processing

If you do not open your DEBI app daily for the DEBI Kesh, the system will not credit your DEBI Kesh by the following morning.
DEBI Kesh Step Reward is processed daily and past days’ data cannot be processed again. As such, you must log into DEBI daily to claim your DEBI Kesh after you achieve your step count.

DEBI does not automatically pull data from Apple Health Kit or Google Fit. DEBI only retrieves data from your iOS / Android devices when you activate DEBI app (i.e. log into DEBI).

Even though your steps will be updated into DEBI after a login period of non-login to DEBI, the system will not process past-dated step counts for reward crediting.

This is a system mechanism that DEBI has in place for Daily Reward.
DEBI retrieves data from Apple Health Kit based on their info – Currently, Apple Health Kit returns steps to DEBI based on date (not time).

There is a known issue with Apple Health Kit for a certain time in each day (11:00 PM – 12:00 AM midnight). At this block of time, Apple Health Kit assumes steps collect belong to the next day
E.g. 200 steps made on Monday, between 11:00 PM – 12:00 AM midnight, is tagged by Apple Health Kit as 200 steps on Tuesday and this information is returned to DEBI (or any other health apps connected to Apple Health Kit)

Unfortunately, this issue is from Apple – we have reported this matter to Apple, however we will have to wait for a resolution.

Until Apple resolves this issue, we seek Apple users cooperation to complete their daily steps earlier to minimize issue related to this block of time.
Kindly send the following 3 screenshots for manual crediting:
1) Screenshot of DEBI Steps Bar for the impacted screen – tap on the bar to reveal the step count
2) Screenshot of total steps that the same impacted day from your Apple Health
3) Screenshot of the step bar for 11:00 PM – 12:00 AM midnight in your Apple Health – tap the bar to reveal the step count
Medical Outpatient & Claim Process
Opt Out of the Wellness Package.

Your existing medical outpatient & dental claim entitlement (as per your company's Employee Handbook) will remain unchanged.
Not yet – we are working on enhancing DEBI to enable Digital Claims for you.
DEBI Benefits Panel
You may refer to them in the DEBI Mall within the DEBI App.
Yes – we are constantly looking for more shops, retailers and service providers to add to the Panel. Email us to let us know if you have any suggestions!
DEBI Support
You can email DEBI Support at for assistance

Our Customer Service Hours are:
Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
(Excluding Public Holidays, Saturday & Sunday)
You can email DEBI Support during the weekends or public holidays. However, customer service will respond during the Service Hours.

Our Customer Service Hours are:
Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
(Excluding Public Holidays, Saturday & Sunday)
Not at the moment – please continue to email DEBI Support for assistance.